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"This has been a game-changer for my back pain. Can't believe I lived without it!"

Marie S. - San Francisco

BackMend PRO - Lumbar Relief & Posture Corrector

BackMend PRO - Lumbar Relief & Posture Corrector

Relaxing Stretching Decompression Acupuncture
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Tired of constant back pain and poor posture affecting your quality of life?

Experience instant relief with BackMend Pro! Quickly ease chronic back pain, stretch the lumbar area, and reduce muscle tension and pressure between the vertebrae. Restore your posture now and say goodbye to discomfort, or get your money back!

Huge Benefits:

Instant Relief - Say goodbye to persistent back pain

Easy to Use - Set up in seconds, relax naturally

Posture Correction - Restore natural spine curvature

Adjustable Levels - Start gentle, progress deeper, feel the transformation

Expert-Approved - Unlock professional healing techniques at home

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  • Transform Your Day

    Start pain-free mornings and boost your daily productivity

  • Move with Confidence

    Improve posture and walk taller, feeling more confident

  • Reclaim Your Activities

    Engage in activities you love without the fear of pain.

  • Relax & Unwind

    Experience deep relaxation after a long day


Your Quick Path to Back Freedom

Experience back relief made easy with BackMend Pro. Follow these straightforward steps and begin your journey to a pain-free life.

  1. Place the device on a flat surface, ensuring it aligns with your spine when you lie down.
  2. Gently lie back, allowing your lumbar region to settle into the device, adjusting for optimal comfort.
  3. Relax your legs and arms, letting the ergonomic design target and alleviate your back pain.
  4. Take deep breaths as BackMend Pro works to relieve tension and restore your spine’s natural curve.


Few Minutes a day for Lifelong Relief

With just 10 minutes per session, once or twice daily, BackMend Pro transforms your life, making back pain a thing of the past.

It’s more than a quick fix; it’s a sustainable solution. A daily practice that not only provides immediate relief but also fortifies and rejuvenates your back, ushering you into a world of comfort, flexibility, and liberation.


Tailored Comfort, Anytime, Anywhere

BackMend Pro is engineered for instant and enduring comfort, seamlessly integrating into your daily routine.

Custom Fit: Molds to your spine, delivering personalized comfort and support every time.
Built to Last: Made with premium materials, guaranteeing lasting relief and resilience.
Portable: Its light, compact design makes it a breeze to bring along to work or travels.
Skin-Friendly: Crafted with hypoallergenic materials, ensuring it’s gentle on your skin.
Easy Clean: Effortlessly maintain its cleanliness with a simple wipe down.

  • Pain Symptoms

    Chronic Back Pain
    Back Spasms
    Long Sitting Pain
    Sharp Pain

  • Medical Conditions

    Herniated Disc
    Spinal Stenosis

  • Postural Issues

    Poor Posture
    Slouched Shoulders
    Misaligned Spine
    Long Sitting Pain

  • Nerve Issues

    Pinched Nerve
    Numbness and Tingling
    Restricted Mobility

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How long should I use the BackMend Pro daily?

For optimal results, begin with two 5-minute sessions daily, one at midday and another in the evening, as an adaptation period. Gradually build up to a consistent 10-minute daily routine to experience significant relief and improved posture.

Is it suitable for all ages?

Yes, it's designed for both young adults and the elderly.

Is it suitable for my height and weight?

Certainly! The BackMend Pro is designed to accommodate individuals of all sizes and shapes, ensuring effectiveness across all heights. Crafted with durable ABS polyurethane, it confidently supports a weight of up to 310lbs/140kg, offering universal adaptability and strength.

Can pregnant women use the BackMend Pro?

We advise pregnant women to consult with their doctor before using BackMend Pro to ensure it is safe for both mother and baby. Your safety and well-being are our top priority.

Can I use it while sitting?

Yes! BackMend Pro is not only perfect for office workers but also a versatile choice for anyone needing lumbar support. Whether you're driving or spending long hours at the desk, it's designed to provide the comfort and support your back needs, promoting better posture and alleviating discomfort.

How do I clean it?

Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Is it adjustable?

Yes! The BackMend Pro is equipped with three adjustable stretch levels to cater to your specific needs and comfort. Each level is designed to provide a gradual increase in stretch intensity, allowing for a personalized and controlled stretching experience.

Level 1: Ideal for beginners or those experiencing severe discomfort, offering a gentle stretch to ease into the process.
Level 2: A moderate stretch level for those familiar with the device, aiming to intensify the stretch and enhance flexibility.
Level 3: Designed for advanced users seeking a deep stretch to maximize relief and improve posture effectively.
We recommend starting at the first level and gradually progressing to ensure a safe, effective, and comfortable

What if it doesn't work for me?

Enjoy a 60-Day Risk-Free Guarantee with your BackMend PRO. We're confident in bringing you comfort and relief. If not satisfied, contact within 60 days for a full refund.

How soon will I see results?

Many users feel relief in just 10 minutes of use.

Is it durable?

Absolutely, the BackMend Pro is made to last. We've used top-notch materials to make sure it's sturdy and reliable. It’s tough enough to handle daily use, so you can count on it for consistent relief and comfort over the long haul. You’re not just getting a quick fix, but a durable solution for your back pain.

Can it help with chronic back pain?

Certainly! BackMend Pro is specifically designed to alleviate chronic back pain. It has proven effective in providing relief for neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, spinal stenosis, spinal compression, and bulging discs. By stretching the back, it naturally decompresses the spine, relaxes the muscles, and restores the natural curve of the back. Users experience significant relief and enhanced mobility, making it a popular choice for those battling persistent back issues.

Is it portable?

Yes! Absolutely! The BackMend Pro is lightweight and easily disassembles into two parts, making it your perfect travel companion for on-the-go relief. Toss it in your bag for targeted pain alleviation at work, or pack it in your suitcase to turn any hotel bed into a personal therapy session. Its compact design ensures it won’t take up much space, offering a convenient, portable solution for back pain relief and improved posture, anytime, anywhere.

How does it correct posture?

The BackMend Pro aids in posture correction by gently stretching the spine and relaxing back muscles. It decompresses spinal discs, reducing pain and promoting a natural, upright stance. Its ergonomic design supports the lumbar region, encouraging alignment and reducing slouching.

Is it recommended by professionals?

Professionals recommend BackMend Pro as it complements their treatments. It aids in sustaining the benefits of therapy sessions, offering continuous back pain relief and posture correction at home. Its ergonomic design is aligned with orthopedic principles, making it a trusted choice for enhanced well-being.


The information shared by ERGO Dream is intended solely for informational purposes and should not be considered as medical advice or recommendations. Medical knowledge is constantly evolving and can be subject to debate. ERGO Dream cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or missing information. We advise consulting with your primary healthcare provider or specialist before using our products.

It should also be noted that feedback from our customers may be supplemented by reviews from external sources, ensuring a comprehensive perspective. Each product, although subjected to rigorous quality control, may exhibit slight variations in color and dimensions.

For safe use, we recommend that pregnant women refrain from using the product. Elderly individuals and those with underlying health issues should exercise caution and consult a healthcare professional before use to avoid any potential risk. Ensure you read and understand all instructions before use to guarantee a safe and effective experience with the BackMend PRO - Lumbar Relief & Posture Corrector.

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